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Adults Have ADHD too

Whether you were diagnosed with ADHD as a kid or not, it can be difficult to get the care you need as an adult.  You’ll need more than a diagnosis and medication.  ADHD has far reaching effects in every area of your life, so you’ll need treatment that does too.  That’s why we’re here.

You could have ADHD if

  • You have a hard time regulating attention
  • You struggle to manage your time
  • You tend to be disorganized
  • You can be impulsive
  • You avoid tasks until the last minute
  • You can get really focused on certain things
  • You underperform at work or home
  • You wonder if you are just lazy
  • You feel angry at yourself

Our Approach Will Help You

  • Use your ADHD brain to your advantage
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Get organized
  • Control impulses
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Use hyper-focus to your advantage
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Take care of your body and brain
  • Manage your emotional life

You deserve the life you know you are capable of. We'll help you get there.

How Our Clinic Works

Step 1

Online ADHD Evaluation $499

Comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis

Initial 1 hour evaluation completed from the comfort of your own home or office over secure video conferencing.

Dr. Martineau sets aside a full hour to make sure he has plenty of information to make an appropriate diagnosis.  He takes the time to really listen to what you’ve been struggling with.  Along with a thorough history he makes use of:

  • Standardized Rating Scales
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psychoeducation on Potential Diagnoses
  • Discussion of Treatment Options that may include:
    • Prescription Medications​
    • Supplements / Nutrition / Exercise / Mindfulness
    • Therapy

By the end of your first appointment, you’ll walk away with a clearer picture of what is really going on in your brain and a game plan for treatment.


Step 2

Refocus Membership $249/mo

After your initial evaluation, you’ll meet with Dr. Martineau in person to discuss options for medications and establish care as required. After that, all your care is virtual!

Your Refocus Membership Includes:

Convenient online direct care with Dr. Martineau 

  • No commutes or taking time off work to come to your appointment
  • No waiting for weeks to get into a psychiatrist
  • Expert medication management from the comfort of your own home
  • Unlimited secure online follow up appointments
  • Direct secure messaging with Dr. Martineau
  • Electronic Prescriptions Directly to Your Pharmacy

Access to our ADHD Coaching Program 

  • 4 private coaching sessions with our life coach Kristin (this is a limited time offer!)
  • Monthly focus on a specific topic to help you dive deep and make lasting changes
  • Live Q&A calls
  • Access to all of our online classes
  • Evidence-Based Supplement and Nutrition Resources
  • Lifestyle Resources for ADHD



Looking for coaching only?

If you already have a doctor you love or live out of state, you can join our coaching only membership, Refocus Academy.

Every month our life coach Kristin will teach a live workshop on a topic specifically related to ADHD.  You’ll be able to get help at our Ask the Experts calls, where our psychiatrist and life coach answer any question you have. Plus, hours of bonus content including all previous classes, nutrition and lifestyle interventions for ADHD and supplement guide.

For just $49/month, you’ll learn how to manage your ADHD, unwrap it’s gifts and create the life you know you are capable of.


Ongoing Education

Ongoing Education

Free resources to help you learn more about ADHD, from symptoms to medication information to alternative treatments.

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