Why I’m Not Going to Tell You How To Parent Your ADHD Kiddo

By: Kristin Martineau | February 17, 2018

There is absolutely no way that I can tell you what is best for your child. Because you are his mother, you know his struggles and strengths better than anyone.

A simple google search can give you almost innumerable articles about discipline and schedules. You can find doctors and therapists that will best suit your child’s needs. You can work with his teachers and aides to find the best way to help your child succeed academically. There are so many resources aimed at helping your child. In my search for ways to help my daughter, I was overwhelmed with the resources available to help her.

But there wasn’t much to help me. How should I deal with my own frustration and anger? How could I be my best self so I could be more available to help her? I wanted to be steady for her even when she was having an especially tough day, but many times her worst days turned into my worst days too.

That’s when I found coaching. The tools I have learned have helped me be the best version of myself. I’m more emotionally empowered than I ever have been. I’m able to show up for my kids like never before. I can navigate this complicated ADHD world with confidence.

I won’t give you advice about what to do with your child. There’s already plenty of opinions out there. But I can help you be calm under pressure and steady in chaos. I can give you the tools to be the best you.

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