ADHD Isn’t a Problem

By: Kristin Martineau | March 9, 2018

When you first found out your child had ADHD, what did you think?

Did your thoughts sound like any of these?

“We have a problem.”
“This isn’t fair.”
“I don’t want him to have to struggle with this.”
“It shouldn’t be this way.”
“This is my fault.”

So many of us walk around trying to have a good attitude about something we think is inherently bad. That’s really hard to do.

The truth is, ADHD is just a thing. It isn’t good or bad, it just is.

Now, as a Mom of a kid with ADHD, I know what you are thinking. How can she possibly say that? What about the hyperactivity, refusal to do homework, the constant noise? How is none of that a problem?

I’m not saying it isn’t a challenge. I know that it is. But if you see ADHD as a negative thing, as something that has gone wrong, you are fighting a monster you can never beat. You can’t make it go away.


So now your asking, “Isn’t that just delusional?”

Guess what? What you believe now is delusional. Nothing we believe is totally accurate. So why don’t you believe whatever serves you and your child the best?

What if you believed that you don’t have to make it go away?

What if you could see ADHD as just a description of how your child’s brain works?

What if you knew that struggle is supposed to be a part of your child’s experience?

What if you knew that cultivating patience is supposed to be part of your experience?

What if you could focus on the benefits of ADHD instead of only the struggles?

What if you didn’t make your child’s ADHD mean anything about you?

What if you knew that the door life has given you to go through is only unexpected, not wrong?

What if everything is just as it should be?

When I started to believe these things, I became so much more powerful in my own life.

Changing what you believe isn’t easy though. Your brain likes to stay where it is. Contact me for a free mini session and I can give you a step by step on how to do it.

It will change everything.

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