Come Out of The Shadows

By: Kristin Martineau | March 8, 2018

Of all the emotions that are available to human beings there is one that, in my opinion, is the most destructive to your growth. You might think it’s hate or anger or contempt. It’s not. Not that those aren’t destructive, because they certainly can be. But those are obvious culprits.

The emotion that I’m talking about is more dangerous, because it disguises itself as truth. We believe it without question.

It’s shame.

We feel shame because we buy the thoughts that our brains offer us:

You aren’t good enough.

Your kid behaves this way because of you.

It’s your fault.

You are the only one who has this problem.

Other moms have this figured out.

Something is wrong with you.

You should hide.

Shame thrives in hiding.

But I want to tell you something.

Yesterday, I coached 5 women who have children with ADHD. They are all struggling with the same things.

And you know what?

Every one of them said some version of, “I feel like no one else understands.”

I promise you are not alone.

I talk to people just like you all the time.

I am you.

Come out of the shadows mama. It can’t get better if you stay hiding.

I can help you for free in a mini session.

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