Sad Alien

By: Kristin Martineau | March 12, 2018

Imagine you are an alien coming to earth to live the human experience.

Aliens don’t experience emotion so you are going to need to pick some to take on the journey.

You pick happy, confident, energetic, peaceful, love, hope, gratitude, amusement, inspiration.

But have you ever met anyone who is happy all the time? Super creepy, right? The humans would figure out you are an alien for sure.

You’ll need some negative emotions too. But you have to pick carefully because some of those negative emotions can interfere with living the best human life available to you.

How do you know which negative emotions you want to take with you?

Ask yourself this important question, “Does this emotion serve me?”

Grief doesn’t feel good, but you’ll want it when someone you love dies.

Bravery doesn’t feel good, but you’ll want it when you quit your job to start your own business.

Sadness doesn’t feel good, but you’ll want it when you read the news about people hurting each other.

Guilt doesn’t feel good, but you’ll want it when you make a mistake that you don’t want to make again.

You might even want to choose anger or fear sometimes.

What about worry, overwhelm, confusion, resentment, jealousy, shame, controlling, greedy, vengeful, self pity or unforgiving?

Do these emotions ever serve you? Could you live a better life without them?

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