Your Thoughts Create Your Feelings

By: Kristin Martineau | March 22, 2018

So many of us walk around believing that our circumstances cause us to feel a certain way.

That is NEVER true.

Circumstances can’t make you feel anything. Until you have a thought about it.

Here’s what I mean: How did you feel on 9/11? Horrible, right? So many innocent people died.

But guess what? There were people on the other side of the world REJOICING that day. Some people thought that was the best day ever.

The circumstance is the same. What determined how people felt about that day? The thoughts they were thinking about the circumstance.

Now, I’m not saying that we should feel good about everything that happens. I WANT to feel sad about my country being attacked by terrorists and innocent people dying.

I think about half the time, you might want to choose a feeling that doesn’t feel good. You probably want to be horrified by abuse. You probably want to feel grief when someone you love dies.

But I’m guessing that maybe you don’t want to feel angry about dirty socks on the floor. You probably don’t want to feel frustrated with your kids 90% of the day. You don’t want to feel like you are a prisoner to dishes and laundry and feeding people. These feelings serve no purpose. They only make life much less pleasant.

Here’s the good news: dirty socks, crazy kids, dishes, laundry, feeding people(someone is always hungry, am I right?), don’t have ANY power over you. You don’t have to be upset about these things.

This is the work I do with my clients. I’ll show you how to choose thoughts and feeling that serve you on purpose. You will feel so much better and have so much more power to create the life you truly want. I know the power of coaching because I have been through this process myself.

Give me 20 minutes in a free mini session and I can show you how to change your life.

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