When Your Kids Are Annoying

By: Kristin Martineau | April 5, 2018

I never thought I was a control freak.  Having kids showed me that I am.

Most of us have a very unrealistic idea of how our kids “should” behave. If you are annoyed, it’s because they aren’t behaving how you think they should.

Kids should behave however they behave.  How do we know? Because they do.

Whenever my kids are driving me nuts, I like to go to this thought:

The universe only sends me teachers. If I’m annoyed, there’s something for me to learn here. 

It reminds me that I’m not the queen of the universe and when I’m open to the lesson, I’m not nearly as resistant to my life with kids.

Here are some of the things my kids have taught me:

Being tired is no excuse for unkindness.

I can’t force them to do anything.

A messy house doesn’t mean something has gone wrong.

Mistakes don’t mean anything has gone wrong.

My patience doesn’t run out.  I choose to lose patience.

I can love someone in the same moment they are calling me “the evilest person in the world”.

Opening to really loving someone is opening to suffering too.

There are lots more.  And more to come, I’m sure.

I’m in.

You in?

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