Your ADHD Child Has an Operator’s Manual

By: Kristin Martineau | April 5, 2018

Did you know your child came with an operators manual?

It’s in your brain.

You have all these unwritten expectations about who your child should be.

I have news for you: It’s imaginary.  This person you are comparing your real child to, doesn’t exist.

The only thing this manual does is cause you pain.


What if . . . .

You spent your energy on learning who your child is instead of trying to conform him to your idea of who he should be?

You enforced consequences for his own sake instead of trying to make him behave so you can feel better?

You focused on what he is actually good at instead of what you wish he was good at?

You felt love for him no matter what instead of letting his behavior decide how you will feel?

What kind of Mom would you be without your manual?

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