The Truth About What You Believe

By: Kristin Martineau | July 10, 2018

Most of us walk around thinking that we believe things because they are TRUE.

It actually works the opposite of that. We create our own truth by what we believe.

All beliefs are optional.

A belief is just a thought that we keep on thinking.

It can be scary and disconcerting to re-evaluate what we believe.

Even more unnerving is that you can’t base your beliefs on the amount of evidence that you find to support your belief. You can find enough evidence in the world to support whatever you want to believe.

This is actually fantastic news!


I just moved from Kansas.

I LOVED living in Kansas! Here’s the evidence: We had a beautiful brand new house that was very affordable, my kids were in the best school district in the city, Kansas has the most amazing thunderstorms, my job as a Radiation Therapist was meaningful and fulfilling for me, the three years that we lived there was a period of personal growth and discovery, I discovered life coaching while I was living there.

I HATED living in Kansas! Here’s the evidence: Our house was a fair distance from the city which meant we had to drive a lot to get to work or anything we wanted to do in town, Kansas is humid in the summer, lots of storms and tornadoes in the spring, and ice storms in the winter, there’s no good mountain biking or hiking unless you want to drive 2 hours, working with cancer patients was depressing and emotionally exhausting at times, I learned so much about myself living there because I didn’t make very many good friends and I felt isolated.

I get to decide what story I want to tell about my time living in Kansas. Both stories are “true” but I get to decide what evidence I look for to support what I want to believe. I want to believe that the time I spent in Kansas was FOR ME and that it helped me rediscover and redefine who I am.

Does what you believe serve you?

What do you believe about your husband?
What do you believe about your ADHD kiddo?
What do you believe about your ability to achieve success?
What do you believe about who you are?
What do you believe about your past?

All of these beliefs are OPTIONAL.

The great thing about having a life coach is that they can spot the beliefs that aren’t serving you much quicker than you can. It’s much harder from inside your own brain! You’ll be surprised how much insight you can get in just a 30 minute mini session with me. I only offer two mini sessions a week and they are FREE! The first two people who click here will get the spots so don’t wait!

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