About ReFocus ADHD

Karl, Psychiatrist

I am a psychiatrist specializing in ADHD, but perhaps more importantly, I have ADHD. As a child with untreated ADHD, my struggles to sit still and complete homework almost resulted in dropping (or failing) out of school. Years later, a chance conversation with a friend led me to an understanding, and eventually a diagnosis of ADHD, that helped me get my life on track. Who knew people could actually study?! As I began to understand the way my brain worked, I was able to find ways to succeed and even thrive where I had previously failed.

While I struggled to eventually get my educational and professional life on track, Kristin helped me understand the impact ADHD was having not just on me, but on her and our children too. Our struggle to find good information and treatment led us to start talking about opening a clinic to treat ADHD in adults almost ten years ago, and we are thrilled to finally be able to put the pieces together and bring you the comprehensive approach we use at ReFocus ADHD.

Kristin, Certified Life Coach

I don’t have ADHD, but I’m surrounded by people who do.

Apparently I’m attracted to that kind of thing because when I met a boy (let’s be honest we were still kids) who was energetic, creative, spontaneous, funny, with a heart of gold and just a touch rebellious, I immediately fell in love with him and when we were old enough, we got married.

Karl wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until after college. A lot of things we had struggled with over the years finally made sense. While the diagnosis was an eye opener and medication was helpful, we left the doctor’s office with one big question.  NOW WHAT? We really longed for some extra ADHD specific guidance, but didn’t know where to find it.

With a strong desire to support one another and a heap of grit, we made it through a lot of books about ADHD, many late night conversations, adding three kids who also have ADHD, a bachelor’s degree and life coach school(me), med school and residency (him).  In short, we’ve earned our education, not only in the classical sense but also in life with ADHD.  Together we have not only the expertise, but an intimate knowledge of what’s it’s like to live with it (him), and what it’s like to live with someone with it (me).

It hasn’t been easy and while I wouldn’t trade it for anything, I would save you from having to travel the same path in order to know how to manage your ADHD effectively.  This clinic is the result of years of study and struggle.  It’s what we longed for when we started on this journey together.

ReFocus ADHD is our calling.  My hope is that it will make your journey with ADHD easier so that you can fulfill YOUR calling.