You don’t just need PILLS. You also need SKILLS.

While medication can be an effective tool for treating ADHD, it does not represent a complete solution for the complex way in which ADHD affects your life. That’s why we pair expert medical management with expert life coaching to help you create the best version of your life.

If medicine is all you want, this may not be the clinic for you.

Our treatment approach is unique from any other and was not created for just anyone.

But if you:

  • Are tired of feeling like you live below your potential
  • Know you are smart enough but just can’t convey it
  • Make simple mistakes you know are avoidable
  • Live in fear of missing something
  • Feel misunderstood in your closest relationships
  • Are committed to making lasting change


Included in our monthly subscription is our online intensive coaching program with Kristin where you’ll learn how to identify and solve any problem you are having.

You’ll have access to all of our classes that teach the skills you need to thrive with ADHD.  You’ll also be invited to our members only live Q&A classes where you can get help on any topic.

This coaching program is designed specifically for adults with ADHD who are finally ready to create the life they have always dreamed of. You in?