New Patient Information

What to Expect

Starting treatment can seem overwhelming, but rest assured that we take this at a pace that works for you. Other benefits you can expect from this process include:

Comprehensive assessment and treatment

Comprehensive assessment and treatment

From assessment to treatment, to ongoing life coaching and medication management, we take care of you from diagnosis through getting you back to living your life.

As much time as you need, when you need it

As much time as you need, when you need it

With our membership plan, you can see the doctor as much as you need, when it’s convenient for you.

Time-saving Electronic prescriptions

Time-saving Electronic prescriptions

With electronic prescriptions, we can save you the trip to the doctor’s office for routine refills.

Getting Started

Online ADHD Evaluation $399

Step 1

Online ADHD Evaluation $499

Comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis

This is our initial, 1 hour, comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Our conversation will take place over a secure video conferencing call. Topics we may cover, but are not limited to  may include:

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psychoeducation on Potential Diagnoses
  • Supplements/Nutrition/Exercise/Mindfulness
In Office Medication Startup $99

Step 2

Refocus Membership $249/mo

Your Refocus Membership includes:

Initial in-person medication consultation

This is our post-evaluation, in-person meeting to establish care as required for prescribing a full range of medications. We currently offer this to residents in the State of Utah.

Ongoing medical treatment and life coaching

We offer convenient, online direct care with Dr. Martineau from your computer or phone. No commutes or taking time off work to come to your appointment. Getting cared for has never been so simple. Benefits of monthly treatment include:

Expert medication management from the comfort of your own home
Unlimited secure online follow up appointments, as often as you need them
Direct secure messaging with Dr. Martineau
Membership to ReFocus ADHD Coaching Program